Friday, 30 March 2007

Reginald Molehusband

You knew it was only a matter of time, didn't you?

Reginald Molehusband was the star of a 1967 PIF about safe parking, and the film itself describes him best:

"This is the story of Reginald Molehusband, married, two children, whose reverse parking was a public danger. People came from miles just to see it. Bets were laid on his performance. What he managed to miss at the back, he was sure to make up for at the front. Bus drivers and taxis changed their routes to avoid him. Until the day that Reginald Molehusband did it right. Not too close, far enough forward ... come on, Reginald ... and reverse in slowly ... come on ... and watching traffic ... and park perfectly! Well done! Reginald Molehusband, the safest parker in town."

Reginald's misadventures in his Austin 1100 are so well - remembered that his name still serves as a byword for bad drivers, but sadly, the original film is no more. Neither the COI, BBC, National Archives or Film Images has a copy, and a BBC appeal to the public couldn't find one either, even when the now - retired Ian Gardiner (who played Reginald) stepped forward. Finally, it was decided some action had to be taken, and now aged 77, Molehusband rode again! The BBC remade the film with Gardiner, despite the implication that pensioners can't drive, and received a hearty cheer from PIF fans everywhere, including me.

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